1. No spamming
  2. No advertising (suggesting a server in private messages is fine)
  3. No cursing
  4. No harassment or bullying
  5. No asking for admin/staff
  6. Respect everyone
  7. Be nice
  8. Obey staff members
  9. No racism or sexism
  10. No mods/hacks (Optifine, Resource Packs, Shaders, etc. are fine)
  11. No offensive or inappropriate skins or usernames
  12. Do not reveal personal information (e.g. addresses, etc.) E-mail/Discord/Skype is fine in private chat
  13. Do not scam other players
  14. If you have a problem, please report it to an admin or on the website
  15. DO not use alternate accounts to circumvent a ban or mute
  16. Do not engage in controversial topics in public chat (e.g. religion, politics, etc.)
  17. Do not use cheats/glitches/exploits to your advantage; instead, report them to a staff member
  18. Do not intentionally cause lag